Brian Moorhead

Brian Moorhead


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Brian Moorhead joined Lincoln Agritech in 2000 and specialises in optimising agricultural/horticultural land use and minimising negative environmental effects.

He provides technical support and manages large scale operations for numerous projects on the hydrology and nutrient dynamics in the soil – vadose zone – groundwater continuum. Soil coring, sampling, stream flow gauging, streambed sampling, groundwater and stream sampling and GPS applications are just a few of Brian’s many invaluable contributions to field site investigations.

Brian was recently awarded the prestigious NZ Soil Society of Social Science L.C. Blakemore Award. This award is presented only once every two years and recognises outstanding achievement and performance in soil science technical support.

He specialises in:

  • Managing field site investigations
  • Technical support and engineering solutions
  • Health and safety

Recent Projects

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Woodchip bioreactors – design considerations

Barkle, G., Rivas, A., Moorhead, B., Stenger, R., Schipper, L., & Clague, J. May, 2021

The importance of the hydrological pathways in exporting nitrogen from grazed artificially drained land

Barkle, G., Stenger, R., Moorhead, B., Clague, J. Mar, 2021

A novel method for calculating nitrate removal rates in woodchip bioreactors using data from high-frequency monitoring.

Rivas, A., Barkle, G., Maxwell, B., Moorhead, B., Stenger, R., Park, J., Schipper, L., and Clague, J. Dec, 2020

Synoptic flow gaugings/stream sampling to unravel heterogeneity within catchments

Stenger. R, Rivas.A, Brakle.G, Clague.J, Moorhead.B, Park.J, Morgenstern.U Dec, 2020

Synoptic gaugings/samplings to elucidate water and nutrient fluxes within catchments.

Stenger, R, Rivas, A, Barkle, G, Owers, J, Clague, J, Moorhead, B, Park, J, Morgenstern, U. Nov, 2020

Nitrate removal and secondary effects of a woodchip bioreactor for the treatment of subsurface drainage with dynamic flows under pastoral agriculture. Ecological Engineering 148 (2020) 105786.

Rivas, A., Barkle, G., Stenger, R., Moorhead, B. Clague, J. Mar, 2020

Pilot-scale woodchip bioreactor for removing nitrate from artificial drainage in a Waikato dairy farm

A. Rivas, G. Barkle, B. Moorhead, J. Clague, & R. Stenger Feb, 2020

Determining spatial variability of nitrate removal in a woodchip bioreactor through high frequency monitoring at multiple locations

Aldrin Rivas, Greg Barkle, Bryan Maxwell, Brian Moorhead, Roland Stenger, Louis Schipper, François Birgand, Juliet Clague Feb, 2020

Determining the vertical variation of hydraulic properties in the shallow groundwater zone

Rivas, A., Barkle, G., Moorhead, B., Stenger, R. Dec, 2018

Reducing nitrate discharges from artificial drainage with woodchip bioreactors

Rivas, A., Barkle, G., Moorhead, B., Clague, J., Stenger, R. Dec, 2018

Nitrate assimilation capacity of shallow groundwater underlying dairy farms in the Reporoa Basin, NZ

Stenger, R., Clague, J., Moorhead, B., McKelvey, T., Morgenstern, U. Jun, 2017

Nitrogen phosphorus exports from artificially drained dairy pastures in the Hauraki Plains, NZ

Stenger, R., Barkle, G., Moorhead, B., McKelvey, T. May, 2017