David Rankin

David Rankin

Research Scientist


Office +64 3 325 3793

Direct +64 3 325 3734

Email david.rankin@lincolnagritech.co.nz


Dave has a Bachelor of Engineering and PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Canterbury.

He has a passion for business; in 2004 he formed Indigo Systems, a successful start-up wireless communications company that produced various types of telemetry equipment. The company was acquired by CropLogic in 2014 and Dave became the Chief Technical Officer.

Dave has joined the Lincoln Technology Group as a Senior Research Scientist where he is developing the HydroMetrics surface water nitrate sensor.

He specialises in:

  • Advanced product development
  • Embedded hardware and software
  • System modelling

Outside of work, Dave has interests in space, rockets and the environment and can be found in his workshop prototyping and testing model rockets.