Richard Weld

Richard Weld

Manager, Biotechnology


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Richard gained his PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology in 2000, working on plant transformation systems. Richard’s research interests are plant and microbial ecology and biology and how these can be harnessed and engineered to produce practical outcomes for industry or agriculture.

After completing his Post-Doctoral research in New Zealand and Europe on microbial biotechnology projects encompassing bacteriophage-therapy and fungal genomics, Richard joined the Biotechnology (Biosensors) Team at Lincoln Agritech in 2006 and became the Biotechnology Team Leader in 2011.

Since 2011, the Biotechnology Team has grown from a focus on biosensors and diversified to wider expertise in applied microbial biotechnology. The Biotechnology Team works closely with a broad range of New Zealand and international research groups, companies and iwi to invent and develop innovative, applied, biotech solutions.

Recent Biotechnology research projects include lactose and BOD biosensors; microbial fuel cells; nanotech and microbial nitrogen-fixing systems for agriculture; endophytes for plant growth promotion and biocontrol; fungal biocontrol agents; wine quality and contaminant remediation.

Richard has particular interests in:

  • Electro-active biofilms
  • Fungal functional genomics
  • Microbial and plant biotechnology
  • Magnetotactic bacteria

Academic and Professional History:

  • 2011-present – Biotechnology Team Leader, Lincoln Agritech
  • 2006-2011 – Scientist, Lincoln Agritech
  • 2003-2006 – Post Doctoral Fellow, BioProtection CORE, Lincoln University
  • 2000-2003 – Post Doctoral Fellow, Canterbury University

Research Subjects:

  • Biotechnology

Recent Projects

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Ectosymbiotic bacteria at the origin of magnetoreception in a marine protist

Monteil, C.L. , Vallenet, D., Menguy, N., Benzerara, K., Barbe, V., Fouteau, S., Cruaud, C., Floriani, M., Viollier, E., Adryanczyk, G., Leonhardt, N., Faivre, D., Pignol, D., López-García, P., Weld, P.J & Lefevre, C.T.    Apr, 2019

Unlocking the potential of indigenous owned genetic resources in Aotearoa (New Zealand): Engagement of Trichoderma researchers with New Zealand Maori

Fuller, R. J. M., Hill, R. A., Stewart, A., George, M., Weld, R. J., Steyaert, J. M. Jun, 2018

Maintenance of Geobacter-dominated biofilms in microbial fuel cells treating synthetic wastewater

Commault, A. S., Lear, G., Weld, R. J. Dec, 2015

Influence of inoculum and anode surface properties on the selection of Geobacter-dominated biofilms

Commault, A. S., Barrière, F., Lapinsonnière, L., Lear, G., Bouvier, S., Weld, R. J. Nov, 2015

Enhancement of the Hooghoudt Drain-Spacing Equation

Shokri, A., Bardsley, W. E. Jun, 2015