Beyond Number 8

Kiwis are proud of their Number 8 wire mentality – their ability to innovate with the most basic materials, including the ubiquitous fencing wire. But in the 21st century, science and technology have provided tools we never imagined, opening up new horizons for primary sector innovation.

In this series, Lincoln Agritech looks at the challenges and opportunities ahead of our agritech sector. Where is it headed? What opportunities beckon? And how can we make sure New Zealand agritech is ready and able to take advantage of them?

Senior Lincoln Agritech staff lead discussions with industry and political leaders, looking at the issues, and discussing how we innovate beyond Number 8.

  • The Nitrate Conundrum

    New Zealand has a problem with nitrate leaching affecting our waterways. Where are those nitrates coming from? And are we doing enough to undo the damage? Peter Barrowclough discusses nitrate sources and solutions with Environment Canterbury’s Tim Davie and Lincoln Agritech’s Blair Miller.

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  • Women in Agritech

    Women have long been involved in the primary sector, and more than half of New Zealand's science graduates are women. But many women don’t consider agritech as a career option. Joanne Hay and Eva Anton of Lincoln Agritech talk with Juliet Ansell of Zespri about opportunities for women in agritech.

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  • The Agritech Skills Gap

    With New Zealand’s agritech sector on a growth trajectory, do we have the skills needed to maximize our potential? Are we training enough people? Where do high-skilled employees come from? Peter Barrowclough discusses skill gaps and career paths with Agritech New Zealand’s Brendan O’Connell and Maria Jose Alvarez of W.N.T. Ventures.

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  • What is NZ's Agritech Opportunity?

    Agritech contributes about $1.4 billion to New Zealand’s economy – but how big is the potential for innovation and growth? And are our agritech entrepreneurs up to it? Peter Barrowclough talks with Nicky Malloy of Callaghan Innovation and Dean Tilyard of Finestere Ventures about going global and aiming high.

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