Lincoln Agritech COVID-19 Vaccination Policy


Feb, 2022

After consultation with staff, Lincoln Agritech has developed a Covid Vaccination Policy, guided by Lincoln University and Government recommendations, that aims to keep all staff and visitors as safe as possible. The arrival of Omicron in the community has led to further updates to that policy.

In aiming for a policy that protects our people and our business continuity, we have considered available professional advice and consulted staff about what this may look like for Lincoln Agritech.

As a result, Lincoln Agritech will require that all staff, contractors and visitors who enter any of our workspaces hold a valid My Vaccine Pass or a valid Ministry of Health medical exemption.

The recent arrival of Omicron and the “red” traffic light settings means this policy applies immediately to staff, contractors and visitors at our Lincoln University Campus office, in line with Lincoln University’s requirements as a tertiary education provider. All visitors to our Lincoln office need to show their vaccine passes at reception before entering.

When in our offices, all staff, contractors and visitors must wear masks in shared areas. We encourage mask wearing during meetings.

For our Hamilton office, the policy will apply from February 14, 2022. After that date all staff, contractors and visitors will need to produce their vaccine pass, or a valid medical exemption, before entering our offices.

We understand that choosing to be vaccinated is a personal decision. We are committed to finding alternative, safe, ways of working with any of our clients who may have chosen not to vaccinate. If this affects you, please discuss with your main contact at Lincoln Agritech.

Any of our staff who visit other business premises as part of their role will be required to follow that business’s policies. Please make sure you alert our staff to your requirements.

This is a difficult and unsettling time for New Zealanders. However, at Lincoln Agritech we are confident we can get through this by prioritising one another’s safety and welfare and continuing to build relationships of mutual respect.

Lincoln Agritech COVID-19 Vaccination Policy